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BagFlex for use with Nikken MagFlex Item 14471 and Nikken BackFlex Item 1447

Magflex Bag Group


The BagFlex for use with Nikken MagFlex Item# 14471 & Nikken BackFlex Item# 1447 – This item is not a Nikken manufactured or distributed item.

Due to popular demand we found a manufacturer to have this high demand product made. These are Made In The USA and done by local artisans so each BagFlex will be a little different as they are hand made.

If you remember the Nikken BackFlex Item 1447 had velcro to help hold the procudt in place. However when Nikken made the newer MagFlex they left off the velcro. So now more than ever customers needed a solution that included Velcro and would help keep their MagFlex new and clean for years to come.

The BagFlex fits the bill and is priced affordable. Its just the first of our entire line that is in the process of being made. Keep your eyes open for more innovative accessories coming your way from Bags4Mags.

The colors currently available are Navy Blue, Burgandy and Black.

Nikken MagFlex # 14471 is not included. Please order the Nikken MagFlex from your Nikken Independent Consultant.

Please note: For installing your Nikken MagFlex or Nikken BackFlex into your BagFlex Bag simply open the top of the BagFlex by gently pulling the velcro closure apart. Then simply insert the Nikken MagFlex or BackFlex into the BagFlex and seal the velcro.

Buy 5 or more and save $3 each Mix and Match the BagFlex colors or get all the same.

Please note that this product is for the Nikken MagFlex Item # 14471 (Hence the name BagFlex, fits the item in the picture below) It also fits the older model # 1447 BackFlex.

Nikken Kenko MagFlex
Nikken Kenko MagFlex

Shipping: We currently only ship this product within the United States and Canada

Nikken MagFlex # 14471 or Nikken BackFlex #1447 Not Included

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Combination of product variants is not available

Price: $12.99

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