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Update on the New DuoWand for use with the Nikken MagDuo #13201

Update on the DuoWand for use with the Nikken MagDuo #13201. Below is a picture of the mold in progress. The checkered part you can see is the wands handle. Completion time looks like it going to be only a week or two and then we will start production and shipping will commence after all Qaulity Assurance checks have been completed. Stay tuned and be sure to vote for your favorite color and leave a comment for a chance to win one of the first DuoWands.

DuoWand Mold
DuoWand Mold


By the way. This was designed in USA, and the mold is being Made In The USA and the DuoWands will also be made right here in The USA.

Jeff Pearson

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