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DuoWand Extension Handle for Nikken MagDuo Coming Soon

The Magduo has been out for some time now and we have been getting tons of calls to see if the current Magwand would work with the Nikken MagDuo. The sad answer is that the spheres are different sizes on the two Nikken devices so the MagWand is not compatable with the MagDuo.

However We just got the prototype of the new DuoWand and installed the Nikken MagDuo spheres into it and below is the first picture of the DuoWand Accessory for use with the Nikken MagDuo item #13201.

DuoWand Prototype
DuoWand Prototype

Be sure to vote for your favorite color of DuoWand on our homepage and then come back and comment on this article to be entered to win the first DuoWand. Simply put “I wand to win the new DuoWand in (insert color)” as your comment.

Jeff Pearson

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